The 666 interviewed Henrik Klingenberg from SONATA ARCTICA

On The 666 Journalist we talked with the keyboardist of the most successful power metal band...please make some noise!!! Henrik Klingenberg from Sonata Arctica

First of all congratulations!! Pariah's Child is the eight studio album of the band and it takes Sonata Arctica to another level, a lot of power, progression, rock, all with that Sonata touch.

Thanks a lot !

-Why Pariah's Child?  What does this album means for you?

It’s a sort of a new beginning. After Reckoning Night we took the progressive route with Unia, now we’re going back to that time and choosing another road…it will be interesting to see where this will lead us.

- What was your main inspiration when making it? Is there any concept behind Pariah's Child?

No concept, I would say. The inspiration is mainly from finnish nature, travelling, books, movies, life in general…you name it and it’s there…

- There is power, progressions, melodies and rock, what can you tell us about this album musically?

We decided to bring back some of the original elements of Sonata Arctica that might have been missing a bit for the last few albums. So this one is heavier and faster than before.

- What can you tell us about the lyrics and the music and how was the composition process?

I have no idea, since like before Tony writes demos on his own and the band start to work on the music based on those demos, when we get together and start arranging the stuff. As far as lyrics go, I have no clue…I don’t even know what Tony’s singing about ;­) probably candy and clouds or something.

- Musically what has Pariah's Child than other albums you did before?

I think Pariah’s Child has all the elements that we’ve presented during the first 7 albums. The power, heavines, pop­music, musical stuff, progressive stuff….it’s all there.

- What can you tell us about the artwork, what represents and who did it?

Toxicangel did it, like the previous albums since Winterheart’s Guild. The wolf has been kind of our totem animal and it’s back, we also wanted to bring back the winter and our old logo as part of this, more power into sonata scheme.

- What is your favorite song?

Innuendo by Queen, it’s probably the most emotional song ever, I love it !

- When I first heard “Half A Marathon Man” and “X Marks The Spot” I was like “what!”, they are really but really cool songs, what can you tell us about them? 

X­marks the spot started out as a pretty straight forward power metal song but ended up more like a joke, I don’t know why, sometimes things just get ouf of hand….as far as Half a marathon man, I think it represents the hard rock style from our last album with a queen­type middle section in it. Wouldn’t take that one too seriously either.

- What does “What Did You Do In The War Dad” means to you, it has a very sensitive lyric

That’s probably one of the most emotional songs we’ve ever done, musically it’s really interesting but as you said, I think the power of this songs lies within the lyrics. The story is really horrible actually, I wonder how Tony came up with something like this….

- New album, new bassist, how was working with Pasi?

Very easy, one of his other bands Winterborn has been supporting us in Europe and he’s been doing studio work for us since Unia, mixing both of our live DVD’s amongst other things so we all knew him from before…it’s been really great and he’s a killer !

- What's the main difference with your previous album Stones Grows Her Name?

 This album is heavier, faster and a bit more complex in my opinion. Those are the main differences.

- What song you think will sound killer live? Which one will do the “magic”

I hope Blood and What did you do in the war, dad ? will work out live. I already know that When the wolves die young works like a charm. It remains to be seen but I think we’ll try all of the songs at some point, except maybe larger than life….at least for now.

- How was the production of the album, where did you record it and whas there any difference with the previous ones?

We recorded it at Pasi’s studio, studio57 and this was the first time ever that we all went to the same studio together and recorded as a band. Previously we’ve always rehearsed together but then went off to different studios. I think it was a really good experience and I’m sure this is the way we will work with the next album as well

- After 8 albums, some lineup changes and a new album out, how do you feel today?

Really good, we’ve been doing this for awhile now so everyone is being a lot more at ease these days than maybe in the early days. I think we did a good job on this album and I’m of course very excited to get on tour and play these new songs for our fans….life is great at the moment ;­)

- Could you tell us something about the tour, any plan about it?

We started the year by doing 15th anniversary shows in Finland and South America, focusing on older songs and some rare tracks. The Pariah’s Child world tour will start in Europe for 4 weeks and then it’s time for the festival season in Finland & Europe. After that we’ll do the USA & Canada for about 7 weeks, the Russia, Belarus and Ukraine…and on and on…we’ll be on tour until the summer of 2015 and then we make another album…so it will be a lot of work but luckily we all enjoy this very much.

- Could you share with us three albums that you’ve been spinning lately?

Devin Townsend:Epicloud, Lana del Ray:Born to Die and Rush: A show of hands…that’s been the stuff for me lately.

- Something you would like to say to the fans over the world?

All hail metal, have a beer sometimes and remember that life is not really that serious….and of course I’m very thankful for your support…see ya all at the shows ! Cheers !

 - I met the Power metal style because of you and I love it, I really appreciate your time, thanks very much and keep doing this amazing music!

Thank you man and have a very nice day !!

Thanks to Sonata Arctica and Nuclear Blast
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